Why Sanibel Island is the Best Place to Retire

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Warm sunshine for most of the year. White sand beaches on Florida’s Gulf coast. Amazing sunsets. A slower pace. A round of golf at the golf course. Those are just some of the reasons why Sanibel Island is the best place to retire and many eventually find themselves living full-time on Sanibel Island. The island is covered with nature preserves and wildlife and beautiful birds abound. And it is one of the best locations in the country to find seashells. It truly is a tropical paradise.

Sanibel Island is one of the best places to retire. It has a small town feel that appeals to many people, and residents are all very welcoming. Everyone goes to the local supermarket in the morning to catch up on the latest island news. There is only one traffic light, and you can walk and bike to the beach and popular shops and restaurants. Sanibel Island is an ideal place to live and one of the most desirable places to retire to. And if you’re a boater, it’ll be paradise.

Sanibel Island is the Best Place to Retire, But Where to Live?


One thing that sets Sanibel apart from other cities in Southwest Florida is its laidback lifestyle. It’s quiet, no one is in much of a rush, there are 15 miles of beaches, and you’re constantly reminded that you’re in paradise everywhere you go. There are no constant distractions, bright signs everywhere or loud noises. It’s all about preserving its natural beauty, and that’s another reason why Sanibel is the best place to retire.  You won’t find any high-rises here, either. The city put height restrictions in place on beach condos to protect other residents’ views to and from the beach.

If you choose to settle down on the east end of Sanibel, it’s near the main road, Periwinkle Way, where many popular shops and restaurants are located. This is a good option if you like being near all of the action. This is a higher density area where you’ll find more condos and homes. The island’s west end is more remote. Most of the land on the west end is part of the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge. You’ll find more single-family luxury homes in this low-density area.

Once you figure out which part of the island you want to be on, the next step is deciding how much space you need and what type of features you’re looking for in your next home or condo. You may want to think about whether you’re going to stay in the home full- or- part-time, or if you want to use it as an investment property. If you’re considering renting out your home for part of the year, we can help you manage it, keep it clean and keep track of renters and payments. All you need to do is sit back and relax.

Pros and Cons of Living on Sanibel Island

Fortunately, there aren’t many cons of living on Sanibel Island. Sometimes you’ll have to cross over the causeway to get to Fort Myers and other parts of Southwest Florida, but many residents are content to stay on the island and have no reason to leave. This is especially true if you’re moving here for retirement and you don’t have to leave the island to go to work. Besides work, there really aren’t many reasons to leave. Everything you need is on the island, from doctors, gas, banks, grocery stores, restaurants, shopping, schools and things to do. 

As far as the pros go, how much time do you have? There’s a reason why Sanibel Island is one of the most desired vacation destinations in the country. Many people who vacation on the island decide to move here or retire here when the time comes. You’ll hear that story a lot from island residents. The pace is slower, the sunsets are more vibrant, Mother Nature follows you everywhere you go, and people just seem more content. If you’ve never been to the island, you’ll understand what we’re talking about when you get here. It’s that feeling when your worries don’t seem so pressing, everything feels more vibrant, and you feel like you’re home. When you know, you know.

Should We Move to Sanibel?


We recommend visiting before you take the plunge and purchase a home here. We can almost guarantee that you’ll love it, but don’t just take our word for it that Sanibel is the best place to retire. Come see for yourself! We offer vacation rentals on the east and west end. We have Sanibel Island condos for sale, single-family homes, large estates with water views, Sanibel Island cottages for sale and a variety of other options. If you’re still not sure which area of the island is best for you, why not try each one? Stay on the west end for a week and stay on the east end for another week. Sanibel Island is paradise, but we want you to see that for yourself! 

Royal Shell Can Help You Find a Home for Retirement

Whether you’re looking for a small cottage, condo with views or a large home on the beach, any of our Royal Shell Real Estate agents are happy to help you find your dream home in paradise. If you’re not sure which part of the island you want to settle down in, we can answer all of your questions, or take you out to see some properties and further describe the island’s neighborhoods. If you’ve never been here, we invite you to visit us and stay in one of our vacation rental homes. The weather is nice all year long. So, you can come whenever you like! We make it easy, you make it home.


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