Buying a Home Online: How Royal Shell Can Help

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Buying and selling homes is no exception as more aspects of our lives shift to a virtual landscape. Buying a home online is more complicated than buying clothes, furniture or even a car—but it doesn’t have to be when you have a professional real estate team on your side. According to the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report from 2018, 79% of buyers like to look for homes online. According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors, 90% of home buyers searched online during their home buying journey. The virtual real estate process is becoming more popular than ever and Royal Shell can help you navigate all of your online real estate needs.

A lot of people are asking 'Can you really buy a home online?' and the answer is yes! We’ll explain how to buy a home online and tell you everything you need to know so you can get started looking for your next forever home. This is your guide to buying a home online, virtual tours and buying vacation rental homes online. Learn how Royal Shell can help.

Royal Shell is also a rental management company. If you’re looking for your next investment, our real estate agents can assist you from anywhere in the world, and when you find the one you’ve been looking for, we can help you manage it.

Can You Buy a House Online?


Many people need to see a property in person before they buy it. Buyers usually visit a handful of properties before they settle on the one that best meets their needs. This involves a lot of time and dedication and typically involves a lot of driving, breaking plans, scheduling around showings and less time to focus on other things. Sometimes, if you live in another state or just hours away, it can be very difficult to get to an open house; or you schedule multiple showings in one day and get burnt out from looking. These are a few reasons people begin their home search online.

The report from Zillow also says about one-third of buyers say virtual tours or videos are extremely or very important to their home shopping. The ability to give virtual house tours and buy a home online is changing the game for the entire industry and the trends aren’t expected to slow down anytime soon. If you’re interested in looking at a home online, any of our real estate agents will be happy to conduct a virtual home tour and give you more details about the neighborhood and surrounding community. Here are tips about how to get your home ready for a virtual tour. Royal Shell offers homes for sale all over Southwest Florida, in Ocala in Central Florida and on the Highlands-Cashiers plateau in Western North Carolina. We can help you find your ideal home, whether you’re looking to downsize into a high-rise luxury condo, move into a large single-family home with great views, a beach bungalow or anything in-between. We take pride in meeting our customer’s needs online so they can enjoy the home buying process from the comfort of their own homes. After all, looking at open houses is better when you’re sitting on your couch with a cozy blanket and a glass of wine in hand!

Virtual real estate investing is also becoming more popular. Investing in property is always going to be a viable source of income, especially in tourist destinations like Southwest Florida. If you’re interested in buying a home online and owning a vacation rental home outside of your local area, we can help. Royal Shell is also a rental management company. Our agents can help you find the perfect home with rental potential that future vacationers will love to stay in, and our vacation rental management team will take care of payments, renters and day-to-day operations. You can sit back and relax from anywhere in the world knowing your rental home is well taken care of and the best part, as the owner, you’ll be able to stay in it whenever you want. If you still have some questions about rental management, here is our guide to Investing in Rental Properties for Beginners. 

What Do I Need to Buy a House?

There are special procedures in place for buying a home online, but there are some things you’ll need whether you’re buying a home online or in-person.

  •        Decide what city you’re interested in. If you’re not sure, we can help you narrow it down.
  •        Choose the budget that works best for you and then determine your maximum purchase price. A home purchase is a special experience and we want to make sure you love your new digs for many years to come.
  •        Think about how many bedrooms you need. What other must-haves are you considering? And what’s important to you? Is it living in a gated community, having nice views, access to golf and restaurants, or all of the above?
  •        Make sure your credit score is in good shape. Pay off any outstanding or upcoming payments, especially if they’re large amounts, before you apply for a loan.
  •        Get preapproved for a mortgage loan, but keep in mind that the process could take a little longer than normal.
  •        Be prepared to have extra money in your savings account for a down payment—just in case.
  •        Shop more than one lender for your home loan and compare.
  •        Keep in mind that some things like home appraisals, home inspections, title searches and paperwork may take longer.

Is a Virtual Tour Worth It?

Sometimes even the best pictures don’t do a property justice. If you can’t get to the home to check it out for yourself, a virtual real estate showing is your next best option. Photos certainly help, but a virtual tour will give you a more accurate idea of how the home is laid out and how your furniture might look inside.

Virtual real estate tours also help you save time and money. With a solid real estate team behind you, buying a home online will also be easier and less stressful.

How the Virtual Real Estate Process Works with Royal Shell


If you’re looking at the housing market and trying to determine whether you can buy a home online, look no further. We can help! If you’re looking to purchase your next dream home or investment home and it’s difficult to travel or make time to see the home you’re interested in, our real estate agents are happy to virtually show you the home and take you through the closing process.

Feel free to browse the homes available on our website and let us know if you see something you like. We have homes available in Southwest Florida from Marco Island to Captiva Island. We are also the exclusive brokerage firm for the Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club. We also have homes for sale in the Highlands-Cashiers plateau area of Western North Carolina. Our real estate professionals know the local real estate market well and we can ensure a smooth and seamless process while helping you get the best possible price for your new home.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We specialize in helping our customers find their dream homes. And if you’re interested in an investment home, we can help manage that, too. At Royal Shell, we make it easy and you make it home.

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