5 Top Home Organization Tips

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It doesn’t need to be Spring to clean and organize your home from top to bottom. Many people put it off because deep cleaning and organizing your home can seem overwhelming. We know because we’ve been there! Where do you start? Is there a right way to do it? Here are our best home organization tips so you can get your space in tip-top shape. This guide will be useful whether you’re buying a new home, selling your current one or you’ve simply decided it’s time to give your humble abode some love.

These home organization tips will help you save time and bring you more peace of mind. You can also get your kids or significant other in on the action, too, and make it a family affair. It also feels better when everything is clean and everything is in its place. No more looking for your car keys every morning or that bill you forgot to pay last week. Making sure all your items have a home means next time you’ll know where to look when you can’t find something else. These home organization tips will cover everything from the different rooms in your home, how to organize your closets and drawers and how to create more storage.

Here are our Top 5 Home Organization Tips

1. Go room by room

2. Don’t be a stickler to a schedule

3. Evaluate storage options

4. Take advantage of wasted space

5. Clean out your closets and drawers

Easy Home Organization Ideas


Once you get started organizing your home you won’t want to stop. One of our most tried and true tips for first-time home buyers is to spend time organizing your home right away. It will feel so good to have everything in its place. You’ll never have to go looking for anything again!

1. Go Room by Room

Taking on a home organization project can be a lot to tackle. If you go room by room it’ll be easier to make sure you’re getting it all done. A general rule of thumb is to start reducing waste and discard or donate anything you no longer use or need. Here are some starting points:


Go through your Tupperware and discard anything that’s stained beyond repair, doesn’t have a matching lid or that’s bulky and hasn’t been used in months. Purchase a uniform set of bowls and plates if yours don’t match and donate anything that doesn’t. It’ll look better and it’ll be easier to load the dishwasher.

Living room and dining room

Take the piled-up mail and work projects off the dining room table and put them on your desk or on an entryway table. Clear the kid’s toys and other items that’re on the floor. Set up different areas or stations depending on your family’s needs. When rearranging furniture, think about the flow of the room and make sure there are enough seats for everyone. If you need more storage, consider bookshelves, wall shelves, an ottoman or coffee tables with storage.


Consider vertical shelves if your wall space is limited. The space under your bed is good for storing things, but only if you keep it organized. Purchase a dirty clothes hamper if you don’t have one so your clothes aren’t in a pile in the corner of the room. And organize your closet! (More on that later)

2. You Don’t Have to Stick to a Schedule

Organizing your home and going from room to room can and probably will take longer than you think. Don’t stress yourself out even more by holding yourself to strict deadlines. You may write down a to-do list for organizing and cleaning your bathroom, check off all the boxes, only to realize there’s more to do. The tasks on your to-do list may take longer, too. If you stress yourself out because you’re not meeting the deadline you’ll never get anything done!

3. What’s your Storage Look Like?

Evaluate the storage options in your home. One of our best home organization tips is to get creative with storage. This could be by using vertical wall space and floating shelves or finding furniture with extra storage like an ottoman. Evaluate where things tend to accumulate in your home. For example, if items pile up in your kitchen or on your dining room table, you may need to create more storage in your entryway or designate a basket or catchall tray on your kitchen counter.

4. Take Advantage of Wasted Space

This is a great time to do something with your home's wasted space. You know that awkward corner of the room you never use or that extra room in your home you don’t use very often? You can use these spaces to store things, as an extra office space, or be creative. Put in a bench seat. Even better if it lifts up and you can store things underneath. Put in some faux or real plants. They help liven up any room.

5. Clean Out Closets and Drawers

This task can seem daunting, but once you get started you might not want to stop. It’ll be great to go through everything. You’ll discover things you forgot you had, make room for new items and probably realize you have more space than you thought. Evaluate your closet and sort through your shoes and clothes. If you haven’t worn them in six months, it’s probably time to donate them. Drawer organizers will give you more space and make it easy (and prettier) to cram everything in. Fabric bins are also great for organizing closets since you can toss items in there and no one can see what’s inside.

Home Organization Tips for Buyers and Sellers


These home organization tips are helpful for both buyers and sellers. If you’re getting ready to purchase a home, this is a perfect time to put these home organization tips to use. You’re starting with a blank slate so you can plan your move-in process around making organization and storage a priority. You won’t have to revamp everything later on and it’ll help reduce clutter and probably make it a whole lot easier to find things in the future.

For sellers, using these home organization tips will be beneficial as you’re getting your home ready for open houses, whether it's how to get your home ready for a virtual tour or an in-person home tour. Buyers want to see how a space can be utilized to its potential. If your space is cluttered and items are strewn everywhere, it will be much harder for potential buyers to see themselves living their lives in your home. It can also make the space seem smaller. Buyers will want to see your closets and drawers to see how much they can fit. Organizing these spaces puts you ahead of the game. You won’t have to scramble when it’s time to show your home. Saving that time may even help your home sell faster.

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