Mike Fagan, Managing Broker

Mike Fagan

Managing Broker

Mike Fagan’s years of experience speaks volumes. He’s a top producer, mentor, recruiter and expert in Southwest Florida real estate. It’s easy to see why he’s one of the most trusted and successful brokers on Florida’s Gulf Coast.
Mike Fagan joined the family business and began his real estate career in Southwest Florida in 2009. Since then, he has achieved top producing status and has consistently earned the local Realtors Association Golden BEAR and Platinum BEAR Awards for an outstanding multimillion dollar sales performance. He is very fortunate to live and work in Southwest Florida and to help his clients’ dreams of living in paradise become a reality.
Mike has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to education and the mastery of real estate principles, law and ethics. He currently holds the superior distinction of Broker Associate, giving him an executive level understanding of contract law and effective brokerage management. All of these experiences and accomplishments help him make a recognizable impact at Royal Shell.
As Team Broker, Mike manages and oversees The Fagan Team. He works with buyers, sellers, and reviews all contracts. Mike also coaches and mentors sales agents. His role as Managing Broker provided exceptional insight and ensures that The Fagan Team will be even more successful under Mike Fagan’s leadership.
As Managing Broker, Mike was responsible for training new hires, mentoring agents, overseeing eight sales offices and acting as Managing Broker for over 250 agents. Mike was also responsible for recruiting and retaining sales agents, and he was involved in marketing and budgeting initiatives. Mike has worked with all aspects of the home buying and selling process. The experience he gained overseeing the real estate side of a brokerage has helped him become an even more dynamic and successful broker. This understanding translates into a knowledgeable sales team, happy clients and overall success for everyone involved.
Prior to his interest in real estate, Mike was a dedicated law enforcement officer and he owned and operated a small business enterprise in Massachusetts. Mike was also a network administrator for the school system in his hometown of Westford, MA.
These ventures have highlighted his commitment to business integrity and have provided valuable leverage in a market dominated by web-based communication platforms. Mike knows how to successfully market properties digitally and his background puts him one step above the competition.
Mike also has an undeniable rapport with clients and colleagues across the industry, resulting from a business acumen that places him in the top tier of real estate professionals. Mike is a trusted professional by clients, colleagues and business leaders. His ability to oversee and proactively regulate all aspects of the real estate process from contract to closing provides clients with a unique sense of security and confidence in a practice that can sometimes be complex.

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Office Phone 239-992-9100